Yolanda Coles-Stepney

SpecialityFounder, Speak & Do
Founder, Speak & Do

Yolanda Copes-Stepney is a founder, prodcaster, development producer, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultant. 

After gaining her degree in journalism, she went on to become a PR, events and digital content specialist working for national and global brands.

In 2016 she founded Speak&Do, representing influencers, talent and speakers. Her portfolio of brands includes, Speak&Do Productions, a content development agency of podcasts and online shows; Speak On, a podcast, seminar event series; the Festival Of Confidence, an event series and retreat for women and non-binary people; Dating & Mating; a podcast about love, sex and relationships, launching soon.

The anti-racism activist strives to break down barriers and passionately challenges that status quo in the quest for equality and equity. She recently launched Ask Diverse, a service where brands can check the equality, diversity and inclusion elements of their campaigns and projects.