2022 Agenda

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Chair’s opening remarks

Emily Trenouth, Head of Influencer Marketing, UK & EMEA, MediaCom


Creating a successful influencer strategy for improved outcomes

The key for success in influencer marketing is engaging with the right people with the right information at the right time. So, how do you put together your strategy? 

  • Choosing the right KPIs 
  • Successfully integrating influencers into your marketing and comms mix – connecting the dots to drive impact
  • Effectively planning for changes to consumer behaviour, priorities and purchase decisions to avoid being cancelled or content quickly becoming irrelevant
  • How do you bring the entire influencer marketing plan together across different platforms?
    • You can’t pull off the same things on every social media platform so how can you create efficiency and synergy between different screens? 


Kerry Thorpe, Head of Communications, Europe, Ben & Jerrys


5 things your Pride campaign needs (if you want it to be taken seriously)

  • Pride month 2022 is nearly here! Ready for the rainbow logos?
  • A checklist of the key elements that your LGBTQ+ campaign for Pride 2022 needs.
  • How to avoid rainbow washing, make an authentic impact and connect with the community

Max Slack, IG & TikTok creator, [email protected] and Head of Growth, Both & Apparel


PANEL: There is no more time for talk on influencer diversity; it is time for action

Diversity in your marketing and influencer campaigns is not about ticking a box, but rather unleashing innovation and talent that will resonate with our broad-spectrum society. It is not acceptable for a thin, white, blue-eyed girl to always be the go-to candidate for a campaign or for them to get paid more than a counterpart of a different racial, disability, gender etc profile. This discussion will delve into the issues we are still seeing and how you can do better.

Yolanda Copes-Stepney, Founder, Speak&Do / Speak & Do Productions

Vanessa Vyapooree, Founder, Get Stuff Done
Lauren Stretch, Global Head of PR, Influencer & Partnerships, REVOLUTION BEAUTY
Max Slack, creator @theyrequeer & Head of Growth at Both&Apparel


Long-term partnerships: Why brands are in it for the long haul In 2022

While ambassador programs aren’t anything new, in recent years we’ve seen brands placing increased emphasis on long-term partnerships with creators, and reaping the benefits. In this talk, Ben Jeffries, CEO of Influencer.com, unveils new consumer research from Influencer.com, in partnership with GlobalWebIndex, which analyses how the frequency of working with a creator impacts campaign results, and compares frequency in influencer marketing with other marketing methods and across the social media platforms.

Ben Jeffries, CEO, Influencer.com

  10:30    Networking break with speaker Q&A  – take the opportunity of this live, in-person event to put your questions individually to a selection of our speakers


Promoting transparency in influencer marketing

  • How can we educate consumers about influencer marketing processes? 
  • Is there a need for industry standard terms that can be used for influencer marketing across all social media platforms? 
  • How can these terms be communicated to consumers for better clarity around influencer marketing practices?
  • In what ways can transparency be promoted within influencer marketing?

Moderator: Emily Trenouth, chair

Emily Thomas, UK Consumer PR Lead, Klarna
Kia Commodore, Influencer & Podcaster, Pennies to Pounds




Title TBA

Emily Thomas, UK Consumer PR Lead, Klarna


IN-DEPTH Q&A: Content usage rights and legal compliance ‒ making sure everything is covered

Know who the regulators are and understand the issues that are at the top of their agenda. Understand what your rights are and the importance of robust contract clauses, which clearly set out content usage rights and each party’s obligations.

Gain the answers to critical questions including: What should you look out for? What can and can’t you do? How do you handle a reputational crisis on either side? What are your rights regarding using content? What kind of responsibilities and liabilities can you pass on?

Amy Ralston, Solicitor, Stephens Scown

Geraint Lloyd-Taylor, Partner and Deputy Head of Advertising & Marketing Law, Lewis Silkin

  12:15 Lunch

Create winning influencer briefs for leading creative and impactful campaigns

  • Writing an effective brief to educate influencers on messaging, deliverables and KPIs
  • Inspiring brand love and authentic creativity
  • Constructing guidelines for brand safety and disclosure

Sarah Erickson, Head of Client Services , ITB Worldwide 

Aaron King, Influencer Director, ITB Worldwide


Crisis comms–a whole new social world

  • What happens when it goes wrong?
    • Campaigns gone wrong and how we can try and put them right
    • What happens when it gets personal?
  • How to protect your staff and influencers when they are exposed
    • Truth vs. reality
    • How do brands protect themselves without alienating their audiences?
    • Navigating ‘cancel culture’
  • Broken promises and broken contracts
    • Does indemnity protection really work in the social space?
    • How do you enforce your contracts?
Lauren Stretch, Global Head of PR, Influencer & Partnerships, REVOLUTION BEAUTY


PANEL: Working effectively with creators for partnerships that consistently deliver

Gone are the days when agency-curated photos of an influencer with a product create impact, instead nurturing collaborative partnerships is key to authentic content which achieves your goals. Just what does that look like?

  • Preparing for a partnership: addressing  the priorities of the brand, agency and creator to make sure everyone understands how best to work together
    • How to brief a creator so that you get what you are looking for without being too prescriptive
    • Retaining and maintaining influencer relationships
  • How to be more collaborative: giving an influencer more creative freedom that still resonates with your brand and campaign objectives
  • When and how do collaborations with gaming influencers work for brands outside of that world?
  • How can brands take responsibility for influencer wellbeing and safeguard creators?

Moderator: Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing, BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association)

Grace Fung, Influencer Marketing & Comms Lead (Luxury), Coty UK & I

Lauren Ashling Hill, UK & Nordics Comms & Influencer Lead, Activision Blizzard

Adeola Gboyega, Pro Makeup, Educator & Content Creator

Jess Littlewood, Group Communications Director, Theo Paphitis Retail Group


How to increase your online influence

Chartered Psychologist Alan Gray reveals multiple ways to increase your online influence.
Alan Gray is a specialist researcher and chartered psychologist who researches drivers of influence in online content. After 12 months analysing campaign content and performance results, he is presenting his top ways to boost your influence online, using science.
Not only will this helpful talk give practical advice that you can use when crafting your next influencer briefs, it will introduce you to the importance of psychology in online relationships. By analysing content using behavioural science, you’ll not only walk away with practical advice but a fresh perspective with which to analyse your future content

Alan Gray MSc (Oxon) CPsychol, Senior Research Psychologist, Tailify


Keynote : Topic TBA

Senior representative, Tailify

 14.35 Networking break with speaker Q&A  – take the opportunity of this live, in-person event to put your questions individually to a selection of our speakers


Filtered faces, virtual avatars, and representation: the future of inclusivity in the metaverse

  • The debate around influencers, and the ways in which they represent their appearance on social media- mostly altered and filtered- continues to rage on, especially as digitisation takes us further into the metaverse. In addition, diversity, inclusion, and equality in our industries and societies remain existing issues needing urgent action. With so much work to be done in the world, how do we get inclusivity right in virtual worlds, and who is responsible for ensuring it?   
  • The metaverse is driven by imagination – paving the way for creative and unique ways for users to display self-expression. With an abundance of filters, skins, and avatars to choose from, it poses a big question for the future of inclusivity: is this the solution to inclusive digital representation, or will it simply drive existing issues in another realm? 
  • Who will be responsible for diversifying virtual worlds? How can those responsible champion inclusivity in this new sphere?
Shannon Walker, Founder, Social Disruption


Beyond content creation: why community influencers can be the key to long-term marketing success

We spend a lot of time talking about paid activations, huge reach, and widening the top of the funnel. But some of the most important influential people within your customer-base can be under your nose! Community influencers will help your new customers become sticky, support onboarding, and – if treated correctly, can be equally as important as that AAA superstar influencer.

  • Understanding the difference between Content Creators and Community Influencers, and where they fit within the marketing funnel
  • Why authentic and authoritative community voices are increasingly important for successful businesses
  • How community influencers can help onboarding and high-friction areas within your path to purchase
  • How you can build mutually beneficial relationships with these individuals
  • The importance of initiatives such as ambassador programmes
James Day, Director of Community, Dovetail Games


Chair’s closing remarks


Post conference networking


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