Chair’s opening remarks




State of the industry: What is an influencer?

  • Does this blanket term create challenges in understanding this channel properly?

  • Exploring whether it is overused and whether we should we be using a different term

  • Why are influencers influential and why has this channel grown so quickly in the past few years?


Is influencer marketing right for you?

  • Exploring whether jumping on the influencer bandwagon is right for your brand and your goals

  • Identifying how to use influencer marketing in a way that makes sense for your goals

  • Should you be looking towards micro influencers or macros influencers?

Liesa Stecher, Head of Brand Marketing, Lumen




Navigating influencer marketing #trustissues

  • How do we prevent trust from breaking down in an industry more under scrutiny than ever?

  • The role trust plays in the fight for compelling, authentic and creative content on social media through influencer marketing

  • Exploring insights on how influencers, brands, and consumers all have trust issues with influencer marketing and how to build it back


Emily Young, Head of UK, Takumi




Creativity and co-operation: Finding balance when working with influencers

  • How to find comfort in the struggle for creative control over campaigns

  • Giving the space to influencers to create content that fits their brand and yours

  • Case study examples of the benefit of a more flexible brief and how to get the best out of influencers

Emily Trenouth, Head of Influencer Marketing Strategy, MediaCom




Morning refreshments




Case study: Creating an influencer strategy

  • Introducing influencer marketing into your campaigns and how to build an effective strategy
  • What platforms to look at and which kpis to focus on?
  • How to integrate this into your existing marketing plan and how much budget to allocate

    Sedge Beswick, Managing Director, SEEN Connects



Case study: Working with influencers to reach new customer segments

  • Driving engagement through influencer generated content

  • The importance of authenticity and the evolution of the Micro influencer

  • Considering influencer partnerships not in isolation, but as one element of the integrated marketing strategy

    Sonya Mooney, Marketing Manager, Pizza Hut 




The vetting process: Picking the right influencers

  • Picking influencers that align with and won’t damage your brand
  • What metrics you should be looking at to evaluate influencers?
  • Looking beyond follower count to identify influencer worth

Alvin Gunputh, Social Media Manager, P&O Cruises

Marianne Fakinos, Global Influencer Manager, Visit Britain

Scott Guthrie, Strategic Influencer Marketing Consultant

Gordon Glenister, Head of Influencer Marketing, BCMA




Networking lunch




Oxford Style Debate: PRs are best placed to handle influencer marketing


In this heated debate you will hear from two opposing perspectives on where influencer marketing should sit for maximum effect

  • Whose budget should it come from?

  • Where should influencer marketing be sitting in the sales funnel and who should be responsible?




Case study: Rethinking measurement of influencer marketing

  • Hear from brands on the new ways they are approaching the challenge of measurement
  • Turning away from traditional marketing metrics to transform the way you use influencer marketing
  • Creating impact that is trackable for increased investment
James Day, Head of Social Media and Community, Jagex



Panel discussion: Hear from the platforms – How will the industry evolve?

  • How are platforms evolving their product and how will this affect influencer marketing?
  • How will these changes affect measurement and influencer- brand relationships?
  • What will a successful influencer campaign look like in the future?
Reena Rai, Influencer Marketing Manager, Pinterest
Lucy Luke, Strategic Partner Manager: Entertainment and Creators, Facebook
Emily Young, Head of UK, Takumi



Influencer regulation: Staying ahead of the curve

  • As the industry and its regulation develops, how can you remain compliant?
  • What areas are next to be regulated? How much can influencers commodify?
  • How to maintain best practice regardless of regulation
Jason Freeman, Director, Consumer Law, Competition and Markets Authority 



Afternoon refreshments




Case study: The potential of long term influencer relationships

  • Exploring the benefits of a long term influencer strategy
  • Creating influencer relationships that are more than just a sponsored post
  • How to manage, plan for and measure a long term influencer strategy
Maria Jose Crousillat, Director of Communications, Select Brands Europe, Marriott International
Elena Torode, Director of Communications, JW Marriott Grosvenor House, Marriott International



Oversaturated or full of potential: What is the future of the industry?

  • Hear from both influencers and brands on where they think the industry is heading

  • How are brands innovating the ways they use influencer marketing?

  • What do influencers want to see change to improve relationships with brands?




Close of conference